So Motor Trend took the Bentley Bentayga, touted as the world's fastest SUV, to the drag strip to pit it against the Tesla Model X P90D with Ludicrous Mode, the world's quickest SUV. And the twice-as-expensive Bentley was topped time after time after time by the Model X, despite everything the Motor Trend crew did to give it an advantage.

The Bentayga does, however, have a higher top speed (187mph vs. 155mph) and was faster at the end of the quarter mile (117mph vs. 115mph). And at $229,000 it has a starting price that's nearly three times that of the Model X. And a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 gas-fed engine.

The Model X, meanwhile, is the fastest to 60mph and to the quarter mile mark (though the Bentayga starts catching up at around the 80mph mark). But it has dual-motor electric drive, falcon wing doors, and — perhaps most importantly — Autopilot.

Oh, and keep watching after the main drag race to see how the Model X holds up against the lightning fast Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Well, two of them. Just watch, it's worth your time.