Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down for an interview with HBO's Vice documentary series to discuss the future of energy — which includes the Gigafactory. The massive Nevada facility, currently under construction, is meant to produce the enormous number of lithium-ion batteries needed for Tesla's operations, including Tesla vehicles like the Model 3 and the Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack facility batteries.

The facility broke ground in 2014 and is not expected to be fully completed until 2019. Despite that, the Gigafactory went operational in 2015, with Tesla Energy production — the Powerwall and Powerpack — moving into the enormous building.

Vice's interview with Musk is set to cover a wide number of his efforts — from Tesla electric cars to Solar City panel production and leasing to Tesla Energy power storage. Of Musk's various ventures, only the rocket-launching SpaceX stands out as one without an immediate ability to convert to electric power.

You can catch the interview tomorrow, Friday April 15th, on HBO at 11:00pm Eastern time. The episode will be available for replay afterwards via HBO Now and HBO Go.