With a revised front end, the Model S takes sexy to a new level.

Tesla's design lineage has trended more and more towards a visually-closed front end. The first Tesla, the Roadster, left the Lotus Elise body on which it was based mostly intact, and the first generation of the Model S sedan featured a solid glossy black inset where the engine-cooling grille of a traditional car would have gone.

With the Model X SUV that grille disappeared, though a vestigial black slot remained at the upper edge where the frunk lid met the bumper. The Model 3, at least in prototype form, has ditched all pretense of traditional car styling with a completely-closed-up front end. The updated Model S isn't going quite so far, instead taking design cues from the larger Model X to restyle its own front end.

The end result is the loss of the guppy-like black mouth, replaced by something that feels more shark-like. The new Model S is aggressive, tight-lipped, and ready to scream past those gasoline-burning monsters on the highway. Unlike the previous design, which tried to blend in a bit and maintain those age-old styling cues, the new Model S is embracing its electrification — it's clear from the first glance that this is not your typical car.