Tesla's updated their Wall Connector, making the wall-mounted power cable smarter while at the same time less expensive. The updated connector, noted by Electrek (not a charger — that part is in the vehicle) carries over the same 208-277-volt power supply support and up to 80 amps of previous design, but when hooked up to a 90- or 100-amp circuit breaker with multiple Wall Connectors it can now smartly adjust to work in concert.

In addition, the new Wall Connector has seen a price drop — previously starting at $750 for the 8.5-foot cable, it's now $500 (or $550 for the 24-foot cable Wall Connector). The mobile connector bundle is still $650.

When installed on an appropriate circuit and paired with the updated Model S and the high amperage charger upgrade, users of the new Wall Connector can expect to recharge their EV at a blistering 58 miles an hour.