Tesla really wants to get the ban on corporate-owned car stores lifted in Connecticut, and they've put a regional distribution center with 150 new jobs on the bargaining table. Connecticut law currently bars vehicle manufacturers from owning stores in the state, and intense lobbying from both the state dealership association and GM looked poised to doom Tesla's current efforts. So Tesla's decided to up the ante.

The kind of Tesla Store that is currently banned in Connecticut

Tesla currently operates a service center in Milford, Connecticut, and plans to open a "Gallery" location where they can educate shoppers on Tesla vehicles, but cannot conduct sales. Connecticuters wishing to purchase a Tesla can do so online or through Tesla Stores in neighboring New York and Massachusetts. A Telsa-sponsored survey found that 75% of residents support allowing Tesla to open their own stores.

In addition to the 150 jobs the proposed distribution center would bring, Tesla says that they want to open five stores in Connecticut to the tune of 275 additional jobs.