We're still well over a year out from the production start for the Tesla Model 3, but Tesla is already ramping up their infrastructure with a huge warehouse lease in California. Totaling just over 1 million square feet, the lease encompasses two warehouses in Livermore, California. Tesla's also considering another 300,000-square-foot warehouse in the same Oaks Logistics Center complex, according to Silicon Valley Business Journal (via Electrek).

Tesla's factory in Fremont, California

The warehouses in Livermore are on the other side of Pleasonton Ridge from Fremont, where Tesla's primary factory is located. Importantly, the warehouses are located along a rail line that directly serves the Tesla Factory and connects through Stockton, Sacramento, and Reno on its way to the Tesla Gigafactory 1 under construction in Nevada.

The Oaks Logistics Center is still under construction, but fittingly for Tesla, is set to achieve a LEED Silver rating. Tesla is not expected to set up manufacturing in the facilities, instead the space will be used for warehousing parts needed as Tesla ramps up production. Tesla last year produced a total of 50,000 vehicles, and expects to hit between 80,000 and 90,000 in 2016. But come the end of 2017, Tesla will face a serious logistics challenge with the Model 3 — they've already received close to 400,000 reservations for the $35,000 electric sedan.