Owners of recent Model S and Model X vehicles that haven't given in to the Autopilot-enabling upgrade charge yet are now being offered a free one-month trial of the self-driving feature.

Tesla Autopilot trial in-car notification

As noted by redditor kushari, Tesla is pushing over-the-air notifications to owners of Model S and Model X vehicles that are equipped with Autopilot hardware but haven't yet paid the $3000 fee to enable the feature. Every Model S manufactured since October 2013 and every Model X has the hardware for Autopilot, but it remains dormant until activated.

The notification allows those that haven't activated the hardware yet to try out Autopilot for an entire month with no charge. The trial includes all Autopilot features, include automatic steering, speed and lane changing, and parking with Summon. After the end of the trial the features will be deactivated again, though drivers will have the option to permanently enable Autopilot.