Tesla has started delivering the Model X electric SUV to customers in Canada with the first Signature editions for early reservations. As noted by Electrek, one of those customers are Silke and Rolfe, who will be taking their Model X on a cross-Canada journey.

Tesla Model X

Reservations for the Model X opened over three years ago, demanding a $5,000 deposit to hold a spot in the line. While deliveries started at a slow pace late last year in the United States, Canada and China are the first international destinations for the Model X — which starts at CA$106,000 and runs to over CA$200,000 when fully equipped.

Production of the Model X was delayed by difficulties with the overly-complicated falcon wing doors and rear seats. The first several months of production saw exceedingly low volume due to quality control problems severe enough that it led to CEO Elon Musk sleeping on the factory floor to keep tabs on the process. With the kinks ironed out the Model X has been ramping up production rates and is now delivering in mass quantities. While Canada and the U.S. are currently receiving examples of the Model X and China is due get their own by the end of the month, European deliveries aren't expected until late 2016.