European Tesla shoppers now have a new option: the Model X has opened up for un-reserved orders, with the Design Studio now around for customizing to your heart's content. Orders are available for much of mainland Europe, with deliveries set to begin in "Late 2016". The question is, though, how much will the Model X cost in Europe? In a short... it won't be cheap.

Configuring a Tesla Model X

Here's how it breaks down by country, with the base 75D bare-bones zero options baseline and a fully-equipped P90D with Ludicrous Mode and every option box ticked:

Tesla's only set up for country-specific order in Western Europe, Scandanavia, and Italy. Sorry, Spain and Poland and Greece, you're left out for now — though you can order a Model X through the Rest of Europe system and deal with the VAT charges separately.

The most notable omission, however, is also the most understandable: Great Britain. The United Kingdom has been left out of this initial launch of the Model X in Europe for one simple (and yet complicated) reason: right-hand drive. While Tesla is set up and manufacturing the Model S for right-hand drive countries like the UK, they've yet to roll it out for the Model X, so Britons will have to wait for now — though they can place a £4,000 deposit today to reserve a spot in line.