Tesla is keen to tout the safety record of the Tesla Model S P85D, and a recent wreck in Germany is further evidence of the car's strong credentials. An 18-year-old from Pullach, Germany, took her father's Model S and four of her friends for a joyride, took a corner far too quickly, and lost control. The car went off the road and ramped off an earthen embankment into a plowed farm field.

As reported by local German-language newspaper Merkur, the car flew for roughly 25 meters before crashing nose-first into the field. The impact crushed and sheered off the frunk of the Model S — the electric drivetrain of the P85D places the front drive motor down between the wheels. The car then flipped onto it rear end, and then landed on all four wheels.

The five occupants, all aged between 18 and 19 years old, were able to free themselves from the destroyed vehicle under their own power. They received serious but not life-threatening injuries in what looks to have been a terrifying crash; four ambulances and two rescue helicopters were called to the scene. Damage to the Tesla Model S was estimate at around ‎€100,000 (i.e. dad's going to need a new car) — and considering that his daughter survived so epic of a wreck, we'll bet he'll be looking at another Tesla.