It's the cheapest a production Tesla has been in some time: the new Model S 60 and Model S 60D start at $66,000. Tesla has updated their options for the Model S, replacing the lowest-end 70kWh option with a 60kWh configuration. The return of the Model S 60 lowers the entry price for the EV sedan by $4,000. In fact, it's actually the same car as the old 70 — just with a new software limit in place.

Refreshed Tesla Model S

Tesla has offered a 60kWh option before with the Model S, but this time around it's different. Instead of being the maximum capacity of that battery pack, the new 60 and 60D are actually equipped with software-limited 75kWh packs that can be unlocked for an additional 39 miles of range for an $8,500 fee on ordering — or $9,500 after the fact (oof).

With the exception of the software-limited and limited-production Model S 40 (which was equipped with an unlockable 60kWh pack), the updated Model S 60 is the cheapest EV that Tesla has ever sold — that $66,000 price slots in a 4% less than the new price of the previous Model S 60. Range hasn't improved substantially over the original 60, up just 2 miles to 210 miles on a full charge.

The new Model S 60 also comes with the upgraded front fascia borrowed from the Model X SUV, and is equipped with Tesla's Autopilot system (though it is not enabled by default — that'll be $2,500 on ordering or $3,000 after delivery). Also optional is the 60D, with the same battery pack but equipped with two smaller electric drive motors, one on each axle, for all-wheel drive and an bump in range to 218 miles (plus a slightly faster 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds). Opting for the 60D takes adds $5,000 to the price. The new design, Autopilot, and dual-motor set-up were never options for the original 60, nor the Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filters of the Premium Upgrades Package or the High Amperage Charger Upgrade or the included Supercharger capability with free long distance charging for life.

Configure your own Model S 60 or 60D in the Tesla Design Studio