Tesla is updating the Model S with refreshed styling, new headlamps, advanced air filters, and updated interior appointments.

Tesla's flagship sedan is getting a bit of a nip-and-tuck. Today's update touched the car inside and out, with the most dramatic change coming to the front end — the new front bumper and LED headlamps are reminiscent of the Model X SUV. The Model S is ditching the glossy black plastic faux grille insert for a look that's more "electric", though less "shrink-wrapped" than the Model X or new Model 3 may appear.

That refreshed front end also includes new full LED headlamps as a standard. The revised $3000 "Premium Upgrades Package" will add three-position dynamic LED turning lights and LED fog lights to the exterior lighting package, as well as ambient LED interior lighting. A new addition to the package is a new HEPA air filtration system that is advertised to remove 99.97% of contaminants from the cabin air, as well as the "Bioweapon Defense Mode" that pressurizes the cabin to mitigate leaks from the exterior. There's also a pair of activated carbon air filters to take care of fumes and odors that might enter from the outside.

While we're on the inside, Tesla has replaced the original leather seats with updated "Next Generation Seats" that borrow from the newer seats in the Model X. The base piano black trim has also been ditched, replaced with a default option of glossy "Dark Ash Wood Décor" for the dashboard and center console, plus a $750 upgrade option to a matte-finish "Figured Ash Wood Décor". The matte and gloss Obeche Wood Décor choices remain at $750, as does the $1000 Carbon Fiber Décor. Speaking of the center console, there's a more traditional low between-the-seats center console in the updated Model S, replacing the low open tray that used to sit there.

Tech-wise, we've yet to see a P100D with a 100kWh battery, but the 90kWh batteries have seen their range increase considerably. The 90D will reach up to 294 miles, while the P90D will be able to go for 270 miles. Both maintain a top speed of 155mph and the same acceleration times as before — 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds for the 90D and 3.1 seconds for the P90D (or 2.8 seconds with the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade).

There's also a new option when it comes to charging: a high-amperage charger upgrade. This $1500 upgrade bumps the 48-amp onboard charger to 72 amps for a 50% faster charge rate — roughly 58 miles per hour of charging. Of course, you'll need a faster circuit to hook it up to, but it's smart enough to not pull too much electricity when it's not available.

The refreshed Model S starts at $78,000 for a base model 70D, while a maximally-equipped P90D with Ludicrous Speed, Autopilot, Premium Upgrades, Smart Air Suspension, Subzero Weather Package, Ultra High Fidelity Sound upgrade, high-amperage charger, and the kid-sized rear-facing seats lands for an eye-popping $141,000.

First deliveries for the new Model S are currently projected for May 2016.