It's no secret that the Model S is phenomenal car, and it's scored another big win to prove the point: Tesla's flagship sedan is now the highest-rated car by customers in the United Kingdom. 2016 is the Model S' first appearance on the Auto Express "Driver Power" survey of 50,000 UK drivers, and it scored a solid 97.46% satisfaction.

Tesla Model S

When it comes to the rankings, the Model S was tops for running costs, performance, handling, ride quality, ease of driving (Autopilot will do that), practicality, and in-car tech. Reliability and seat comfort didn't score quite as high, ranking fifth. The one sore spot for the Model S was in build quality, where it placed 33rd in the 150+ vehicle field. We'd expect better from a vehicle that starts at $70,000 — and as the doubling of factory quality checks on the Model X shows, so does Tesla.

Just last year the Model S topped Consumer Reports' customer satisfaction survey, in equal parts due to the awesomeness of the car itself but also Tesla's prompt, thorough, and personal customer service. The Model S has consistently rated as the most satisfying EV or plug-in hybrid, easily outscoring the competition by 10 or more percentage points.

The next best cars, according to UK drivers? The super-mini Renault Zoe electric car and the Renault Kadjar compact SUV.