Tesla's launches are becoming more and more of a global thing, and the Tesla Model 3 is the best example of that. Where the Model S launched initially in the United States and slowly spread around the globe and the Model X has seen a faster roll-out, the Tesla Model 3 reservations opened worldwide immediately. And so China has become the Model 3's second largest market. That shouldn't be a surprise — China is already the world's largest car market, so we can expect demand to be strong.

Tesla Model

Tesla Global Vice President Robin Ren told the South China Morning Post that "The potential is huge, and Tesla is fully committed to developing the Chinese market." While a per-country breakdown of the roughly 400,000 Model 3 pre-orders has not been revealed, it's safe to assume that the United States is the leading market for the $35,000 sedan. The average yearly wages are rising in China, but still lags significantly behind that of the United States and Europe, as well as regional rivals Japan and South Korea. Tesla has also considered opening a second factory in China.

The key, however, to the success of any electric car, is infrastructure, and it's there that Tesla has focused a significant amount of effort and resources. To help accelerate the roll-out of Tesla-compatible charging stations in China, Tesla has partnered with the China Quality Certification Center to establish a charging test center in the country. Tesla has already build a network of dozens of Superchargers and hundreds of Destination Chargers across China. Though the partnership with the CQC will produce a new charging connector standard in China (because if there's anything we need, it's another charging connector "standard"), the program is expect to result in around 12,000 public charging stations with 4.5 million individual chargers.