Tesla has never needed to do much in the way of advertising. They do just fine with word of mouth and earned media attention (both good and bad). Practically every Model S and Model X that Tesla builds already has a customer, and they've managed to rack up nearly 400,000 reservations for the Model 3 that isn't due out until late 2017 — and 150,000 of those came before Tesla had even revealed the car.

So Tesla doesn't need to spend money on advertising right now. But if they were to... professional commercial cinematographer Manuel Wenger — who has shot ads for a number of car companies, including the BMW i3 — has an idea of what would make a good commercial (as spotted by Evannex:

It's quiet, it's efficient, it has a frunk where you can store your favorite tools for daring heists (or your charging cable and some luggage). We've seen plenty of amateur ads for Tesla in the past, but this one really tops them all in raw quality.