Tesla's Destination Charging program has officially expanded to Europe, launching with 150 sites. Destination Charging places level 2 chargers at restaurants and hotels, giving Tesla drivers the option to charge their vehicle while out.

Destination Charging is different than home charging, where installing a 240 volt outlet will charge at a rate of about 30 miles an hour. It's also different than the DC fast-charging Superchargers, which will dump electricity into a Tesla fast enough to hit an 80% charge in 30 minutes — though Superchargers are designed to be waystation chargers to get roadtrippers on their way to their destination.

And that's where Destination Charging comes in. The program offers two free Tesla Wall Connectors to businesses that are willing to install them in a visible location (advertising for Tesla) or convenient one (better for drivers). Running at up to 80 amps of current, the chargers used for the Destination Charging Program are capable of putting up to 58 miles per hour of charging back into a battery — Not as fast as a Supercharger, but blistering when compared to a 240 volt (or 120 volt *shudder*) outlet.

Tesla has posted a map of where you can find Destination Chargers across Europe (with heavy concentrations in the Alps, Benelux, and London. The initial 150 Destination Chargers join a network of Superchargers in Europe that span from Barcelona to Bratislava, and all the way up past the Arctic Circle in Norway.