To reboot the center display in a Tesla Model S or X, you hold down both scroll wheels on the steering wheel.

To reboot a website takes a bit more work, but in this case it's happening for the same reason as a Tesla's computer will need a kick in the pants.

So what happened? In short, everything and it got to be too much. Tesla Central, while part of the larger Mobile Nations family, has for the most part been a one-man show (hi). And while that has its advantages — I can express my unique voice in unique ways — it also has its problems. Chief among them is that I became the single biggest point of failure for the successful operation of Tesla Central. If I had other things going on, then Tesla Central could suffer.

And then I had other things start going on. A few months ago I started as the managing editor on Windows Central, which is a monumental amount of work — there's a decently sized editorial staff, lots of content going up every day, a non-stop flood of news, and Daniel Rubino (love you, Dan!). And, to be frank, Windows Central is a thousand times the size of Tesla Central in traffic and revenue and in the short term has enormously greater potential for growth. I still love Tesla and Tesla Central, but with only 24 hours in a day I had to direct my attention to where I could be most productive. I've also been taking on an increased role in the Mobile Nations product team, stretching my web design muscles in new and exciting ways.

In the meantime, I actually had some exciting Tesla adventures, including a Supercharger road trip out to Reno and back for the Gigafactory grand opening event. I drove ludicrously fast on the Bonneville Salt Flats, saw how Tesla is working to build up their manufacturing capacity, laid eyes on the Model 3 prototype display (it looks better in person, but I still prefer the look of the refreshed Model S, and met a bunch of great and passionate Tesla owners in the process.

All of this does not excuse the months-long neglect of Tesla Central, but it needs to be said why this happened. With Tesla Central just sitting here, and frankly never driving much traffic to begin with, why revive it, why put in the energy for something as monumental as my Model X review? Because I love this shit, and I hope you do too.

Writing is my top professional passion (and a thing I do for fun because I'm apparently a masochist), and getting to direct that creative energy into something as awesome as writing about insane and lust-worthy electric cars is something I couldn't deny myself any longer. Every day it nagged at me to get Tesla Central back up and running, and I've hit the point where I couldn't just let it be anymore. It's time to reboot.

So what should you expect from the newly kickstarted Tesla Central? For one, we'll be doing less news. It was fairly rare that we blogged anything first — the guys at Autoblog and Electrek and the rest are too good at that game. And let's be real; if you're reading Tesla Central for news, you're also reading those sites. But that doesn't mean that news is going to be persona non grata in these parts, no, we'll be writing about the news and telling you more about what it means than simply just what it is. In the end, that's truly what's more important.

That will mean the rebooted Tesla Central will see less frequent posts than before things went silent around here. But the posts we deliver will be more informative and useful than the mere "this is a thing that happened" posts of before. And don't worry, we'll still have fun amidst all of the serious talk about business things and electric cars.

We've got a lot more in the pipeline and a few exciting things to come, but I wanted to give you a heads-up on something we'll be kicking off in the next few weeks: the As Yet Untitled Tesla Central Email Newsletter. Coming (mostly) daily to your inbox will be a new Tesla-focused newsletter. We're still fleshing out exactly what it's going to look like, but we're excited to start hitting "send".

I could go on, but the truth is there are other things to write than this "Mea culpa / we're back!" letter. So welcome back, and I'm going to get back to making Tesla Central great again!