More miles will have to wait.

The just-announced Tesla Model S and Model X P100D are setting new records for EV performance and range, but the new battery pack option isn't yet available in a non-performance configuration. The 100kWh pack is presently not available in a non-"P" 100D, only the $134,500+ P100D. Granted, at 315 miles per charge the Model S P100D is the longest-range production EV the world's ever seen, but take away the high-performance motor and tone down the power delivery just a touch and in a more pedestrian 100D and it could be even more.

Unfortunately for anybody that wants the eye-popping range a 100kWh non-performance Model S or Model X could offer, they're going to have to wait. Tesla's not saying exactly when, but CEO Elon Musk said it would be "several months" before a 100D configuration is available and that the battery pack design is "complex" in comparison to the smaller capacity packs. Tesla is focusing on the P100D with included Ludicrous Mode for the time being — the higher price means high margins which means they'll have more money to put into ramping up for the Tesla Model 3 — which will amusingly start at $100,000 less than the P100D Model S.

The question is, though, when the Model S and Model X 100D do become options, just how much range will we be looking at? It could be a lot, maybe even more than the math should indicate. The interesting thing is the 45-mile delta between the Model S P90D range (270 miles) and the P100D (315 miles). You'd think that the 11% increase (10kWh) in battery capacity would mean a roughly equivalent increase in range, but no, we're looking at a 17% bump in range. Apply that same math to the 294-mile 90D battery and we get 342 miles.

How far could a Tesla Model S 100D go on a charge? It might be up to 340 miles!

Yeah, you read that right. 342 miles. Now, that's making a lot of assumptions about technical details to which we are not privy. At a bare minimum we'd expect the Model S 100D to have a range of around 320 miles, but at the top end we could be looking at over 340 miles. That's a good five and a half hours of highway driving on a single charge — you could practically skip every other Supercharger on most cross-country routes and have range to spare. The Model X 100D should get anywhere from 287 miles on a charge up to 300 miles.

Of course, you'll pay dearly for the privilege of driving that far without stopping to recharge. Again, we're making assumptions here, so take the numbers with a grain of salt. The price difference between a similarly-equipped Model S P90D and P100D is $10,000, and we can expect the same to apply to the 90D vs. the 100D, so a base Model S 100D will be over $100,000, and that's assuming that the Smart Air Suspension isn't required due to the battery pack's increased weight.

So the bottom line? The 100D is coming, but not for several months. You'll get plenty of range out of it regardless of if you're driving a Model S or X, and you'll pay a lot to get it.