The Tesla Model X's unique windshield stretches all the way back to the B-pillar of the car, but the huge expanse of glass also means letting in a lot of light — enough that Tesla's sending owners a free sunshade to install. The collapsible mesh Front Upper Windshield Sunshade is being sent free of charge to all Model X owners following enough complaints and requests for such an item.

Tesla Model X windshield so big

Tesla informed Model X owners of the freebie via an email:

To further enhance your Model X, we plan to send a Front Upper Windshield Sunshade to you directly, free of charge. The Model X sunshade can block two thirds of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield and it's lightweight and flexible construction allows for easy storage and installation within seconds. To ensure we have the most up to date information, please log in to your MyTesla account and confirm your mailing address.

The expansive panoramic windshield is a unique feature in today's automotive landscape, but it's also garnered complaints that the tinting on the upper half isn't enough to cut back on glare from the sun and incoming solar heat. So the mesh sunshade, which can easily be installed on a long-term (but not permanent) basis by sliding the included mounting clips into the gap between the headliner and glass. It also collapses down with a twisting motion into a small, slim storage pouch.

Tesla promises that the sunshade will cut the light and heat coming through the upper windshield by two-thirds, which combined with the tinting already applied to the upper windshield should result in only a fraction of the sunlight striking that area of the glass from getting into the cabin. Though to the handful of Model X owners that opted to tackle the issue head-on with a more permanent application of darker tinting this is no doubt of little solace.