Want to know what a Tesla Model 3 will look like in multi-coat red or deep blue metallic or with the 20-inch grey turbine wheels? You're in luck — Tesla Motors Club forum member bayol put together a unofficial Tesla Model 3 configurator.

See what the Model 3 will look like in any color

Bayol took a candid shot of the Model 3 outside San Francisco and overlaid the nine different colors (including a hawt matte black) and the choice of silver or dark gray wheels. Of course, these are all presumed options — there's no guarantee that matte black or multi-coat red will make it into production cars, but damn if they don't look fine. Right now this completely unofficial but totally awesome configurator covers just the exterior, but Bayol has plans to go further, including building out an interior configurator.

This configurator will be a great way to pass the time while we wait for the Model 3 to arrive... in late 2017.

The colors!

Check out the unofficial Tesla Model 3 configurator