You can save 15% of a Karstyle nose cone facelift kit for your Model S through May 3rd with the coupon code MAYDAY. The nose cone kit adds a bit of Model X front end style to your Model X (though Karstyle is working on a full conversion kit to match the new Model S look).

Karstyle's Model S nose cone facelift

Normally the Karstyle nose cone kits are priced at $799 for the colored versions or $1,250 for the chrome faux-grille, but with the MAYDAY coupon code you'll be able to get them for $679.15 and $1062.50. Personally, we wouldn't go for the chrome grille version, but the body-color nose caps aren't half bad.

Save 15% on a Karstyle nose cone with coupon code MAYDAY