When Tesla introduced the new Model S 60, it became their least expensive offering to date, and now Tesla's pushing current Model 3 reservers to opt for the bigger and more expensive Tesla today (and, you know, probably a Model 3 later on too).

With a pre-tax-credit start price of $66,000, the Model S 60 is the cheapest Tesla ever, but it's still nearly twice as expensive as the $35,000 starting price for the Model 3, so what Tesla is proposing is no small ask. But for those that are looking at a wait of two or more years before their Model 3 is delivered, maybe paying a bit more for a Model S 60 today would be such a bad thing for willing customers. It may be more expensive, but you're also getting more of a car — the Model S is bigger, faster, and the base 60kWh version gets a 210-mile range that's practically on par with the promised 215-mile range of the Model 3 (though we expect the smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic Model 3 will have a much smaller battery).

Tesla Store reps are reaching out to Model 3 reservers over email and phone. With a starting lease price of $667/month after $6,362 down, it could be a tempting offer. Or you might just want to save your money today and use it to pay off that Model 3 you reserved later.