We're still in the early days of electric vehicles, but that isn't stopping the government of Quebec from preparing for the coming future. The Quebec Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, confirmed to Le Journal De Montréal that new regulations would be in place by the end of the summer that would require all new home construction to include external 240 volt electrical connectors for recharging EVs.

Tesla Model S charging

The move comes as electric vehicles sit in a niche part of the automotive market, mostly constrained by price. The arrival of cars like the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt will accelerate adoption, and that will require adapting of electrical infrastructure to support charging. As of the end of 2015 there were 8,338 plug-in vehicles registered in Quebec.

As noted by the Quebec government, the required wiring, connector, and circuit breakers add about $400 to the cost of a new build, while adding it after the fact can run upwards of $1000. The Quebec government is also weighing requiring rental housing owners to install EV-accessible 240v outlets, though they'll help defray the costs with a $600 grant.