Faster, rangier, $$$$$.

Turns out your Tesla Model S P90D can be upgraded to a P100D. It wasn't that long ago that Tesla introduced the 90kWh option for the Model S after introducing it with public availability of the Model X, so owners of those cars might feel disappointed that they're no longer kings of the hill when it comes to EV acceleration and range. Fear not, for an upgrade is an option, and unlike the software-limited 60kWh pack that's actually 75kWh, this one's a straight-up battery swap upgrade. And it won't be cheap (but you didn't think it would be, did you?).

First off, you'll need the right car for it to be upgradeable. Your options:

  • Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous Speed Upgrade
  • Tesla Model X P90D with Ludicrous Speed Upgrade

Whether or not you've taken delivery will impact the price you'll pay.

  • Ordered but not delivered: $10,000 fee
  • Delivered: $20,000 fee

Yup, it's not cheap. Undelivered cars have the benefit (for Tesla, and thus the customer) of still having a "new" 90kWh battery pack that can be sent back to the factory and installed in a new car. But if you've already taken delivery of your car, then Tesla has to send your now-used 90kWh battery pack back to the factory to be recycled, thus the $20,000 charge for current owners.

Whether or not the extra acceleration and additional 45 miles range are worth an extra $10,000 or $20,000 is totally up to you.

At the very least this puts to rest the unending speculation in some corners of the Tesla community that the 90kWh packs were actually software-limited 100kWh packs. Tesla CEO Elon Musk called the 100kWh pack "complex" in comparison to the 90kWh and 75kWh packs that Tesla already produces.