Not much, if anything, has changed since we first saw inside the Tesla Model 3, but this image posted to Reddit shows us our clearest look at the car's clean interior. And, well, it's just as spartan as it was then: a steering wheel and a center-mounted landscape 15-inch display on a stalk. No instrument cluster, no switches, just an uninterrupted expanse of cladding and décor trim.

Note the lack of an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Note the lack of an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

While Tesla has been coy about the design, saying that it will all make sense after "part 2" of the Model 3's unveiling, conventional wisdom points to the minimalist layout being ideal for a fully autonomous driving experience. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even said that they were "going to do the obvious thing", which at this point means self-driving autonomy.

It's worth noting that the only official look we've seen at the interior came from the March unveiling of the Model 3. Since then, Tesla's own marketing materials haven't shown the interior, publications that have been allowed to officially photograph the car were only permitted to show the exterior, and there's been little public comment about the design.

But wait, there's more! These shots, apparently captured in a Tesla Service Center, uploaded to and then removed from Facebook, also show for the first time in good lighting the Model 3's trunk. As this is a smaller car than the Model S the rear storage space is also smaller, but Tesla went out of their way to ensure a decent-sized opening despite the small rear space. The trunk lid is hinged halfway up the rear window, permitting the trunk to open high and out of the way for easy access.

The interior design for the Model S and Model X changed significantly from first reveal to the shipping production design, along with notable exterior alterations, and we wouldn't be surprised if there were significant changes to the Model 3 by the time production starts in earnest in late 2017. Tesla's already received nearly 400,000 reservations for the $35,000 electric sedan and is aiming to wrap up the design process in the next few weeks. Even though every bit of the car may change between now and then, expect that the broad strokes of these prototype cars will carry over into the production design.