After weathering a storm of criticism over reported problem with the suspension in the Tesla Model S, the whole thing turns out to have been nothing at all.

Tesla Model S

The NHTSA, which it should be pointed out never opened an official investigation into Tesla over this issue, found that there was no safety concern with the Model's suspension and have declined to request addtional info from Tesla, according to CEO Elon Musk

And lending some credence to Tesla's claim of unscrupulous forces at play (though no one disputes the original "abnormal" suspension failure that led to the inquiry, it turns out that the overwheling majority of complaints filed with the NHTSA were likely fraudulent:

Of course, that doesn't excuse the petty way Tesla reacted to the accusations, nor will it do anything to blunt the criticisms of those with inexplicable axes to grind with Tesla. But at least we can put the thought of a systemic problem with Tesla suspensions to rest: the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is satisfied with their safety, and that's good enough for us.