The Tesla Model X has never been anywhere near "affordable" territory, but a new option for a software-limited battery branded as the 60D is at least bringing down the starting price.

With a 75kWh battery pack that's been capped at 60kWh for 200 miles range, the Model X 60D starts at $74,000 — a substantial drop from the 75D at $83,000. It's still nowhere close to Model 3 cheap, but it is at least an option for those that want to grab a Model X but were having trouble justifying the cost.

Because the 60D is a software-limited 75kWh pack (following suit with the Model S), the electric SUV retains the same 130mph top speed and 0-60mph time of 6.0 seconds. The remaining 15kWh worth of battery is good for another 37 miles of range and can be unlocked for a $9,000 fee. Essentially you're getting a Model X 75D, but you're saving 11% and taking a hit on the total range.

The top end for the Model X remains unchanged: a Model X P90D with Ludicrous Speed Upgrade, Leather, Premium Upgrades, seven seats, and everything else tops the scales at $152,750. The Model X 60D is the cheapest we've ever seen the Model X, but it's still far from cheap.