Tesla's over-the-air updates can do more than just add new software features — they can even change how the doors on the Model X behave. The second-row falcon wing doors, designed to open up over the car and provide plenty of clearance, even in tight parting situations. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has inspired to add the radical door design after struggling with infant car seats through a traditionally-hinged car door.

There's just one issue: by opening so high, they expose the Model X's expensive interior to the elements. Sun and wind are one thing... but rain, oh, rain's not good. So now with the latest software update, as noted by Tesla enthusiast extraordinaire Bjørn Nyland when you open the rear doors from the Model X's touch screen, you have two options — all the way up, or a partial lift that puts the bottom edge of the door about even with the top of the opening. It provides a longer reach for the door and a lower canopy to keep both the inside of the car and any occupants trying to get in dry.

Of course, there's still the fact that the top of the SUV is opening, so your mileage may vary on keeping the inside truly dry in a gusty rainstorm. But options are options — we'd rather have the choice than none at all. And if you were wondering if this might help with a Model X in a low-ceilinged garage, don't worry — the Model X doors are equipped with proximity sensors that will prevent it from opening too high in cramped situations (though that may limit your ingress and egress). Additionally, as noted on Reddit, the Tesla app hasn't yet been updated to support the new umbrella angle, nor have the pillar buttons for opening the Model X's rear doors from the outside.