After launching several weeks ago across most of Europe, UK residents can now configure their very own Tesla Model X electric SUV. Deliveries in Europe are poised to begin this month, but the changes required for the right-hand-drive models like those heading to the UK are pushing those deliveries back to "late 2016."

Tesla Model X

Pricing for the Model X in the UK is set to start at £71,900 for a purchase or leasing from £649/month with a £18,000 down payment — that's for a stock Model X 75D with a five-seat interior and none of the awesome upgrades like Autopilot.

If you want to go all out — we're talking Model X P90D equipped with upgraded seats, speakers, wheels, air filters, charger, and lighting, full-cabin seat warmers, towing package, seating for seven, Autopilot, and (of course) the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade — the price can push up over £131,000.

UK Model X Design Studio — configure your own!

Here's how the basic powertrain prices break down:

  • Tesla Model X 75D: £71,900
  • Tesla Model X 90D: £82,400
  • Tesla Model X P90D: £99,800

And pricing for the individual options:

  • Upgrade paints: £850 - £1,300
  • Upgrade wheels: £2,200 - £3,900
  • Five seat interior: Included
  • Six seat interior: £2,550 (requires Smart Air Suspension)
  • Seven seat interior: £3,400 (requires Smart Air Suspension)
  • Leather (tan or black) or Ultra White seats: £2,200
  • Upgrade interior décor: £650 - £850
  • Premium Upgrades Package: £3,900
  • Subzero Weather Package: £850
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound: £2,200
  • Towing Package: £650 (requires Smart Air Suspension)
  • Accessory Hitch: £150
  • Autopilot: £2,200 (enable after delivery for £2,600)
  • Smart Air Suspension: £2,200 (included with 90D and P90D, required for six- and seven-seat interiors)
  • High Amperage Charger Upgrade: £1,300 (enable after delivery for £1,700)
  • Ludicrous Speed Upgrade: £8,700 (requires P90D)