There's a nice slate of exterior paint colors available for the Tesla Model S. We're partial to the metallic options like titanium and obsidian black, or the gorgeous pearl white or red multi-coats. But some people... some people just take it too far. Like the owner of this Model S spotted in Louisville, Kentucky and brought to our attention by Redditor doughecka.

This Model S is super shiny in chrome

So the question is, what's this remind of the most? A Cylon from classic Battlestar Galactica? Perhaps Queen Amidala's pointy chrome ship from Star Wars: Episode I Refuse To Acknowledge This Movie Exists? Maybe just an old-school polished metal jukebox?

Looks familiar, eh?

The chrome wrap job was done by Signature Custom Wraps in Florida, and they're no strangers to wrapping the Model S in chrome, the Model X in matte, and other more insane finishes like a silken red Model S

The real question, however, is if this is something you would do with your Tesla? Are you happier with a durable and traditional painted finish, or would you rather go for a vinyl wrap (matte, chrome, or otherwise) and protect the paint underneath?