The latest software update for the Model S — the one that added the Rainbow Road Autopilot Easter Egg also added a little something that'll help show off the various trims of the car without having to switch vehicles: adaptable performance settings that make the car respond differently.

And while it would be neat to have the Model S have the sluggish throttle response of a selected internal combustion vehicle, for the time being the adaptable performance mode is limited to only other trims of the same Tesla model (and obviously it can't make the car out-perform its hardware design, so your Model S 70 won't be able to drive like a 90D).

Tesla enthusiast extraordinaire Bjørn Nyland tested the option on his Model X 90D, while European Tesla accessories maker Teslafied opened it on their Model S P90D. The code is entered by pressing-and-holding on the on-screen Tesla logo to open the code entry and then typing in "performance". The P90D they had on hand could emulate the entire available range of available battery and motor configurations: 70, 70D, 90, and 90D, as well as a "Max" option to switch back to the usual P90D mannerisms.

While this might be fun to play with for a Tesla owner, we can see it being more useful for Tesla Store employees. Rather than having to switch a potential customer between five different vehicles to demonstrate the performance and handling differences, they can sit in just one P90D and have access to the entire Model S line.