The Model 3 joins the S and X for a gorgeous Tesla family portrait in California

The golden hour, when the shadows are long, the sunlight rakes across your sculpted fascia, and you take all your best promo shots. That's what Redditor Carravagio4 came across on the Pacific Coast outside San Francisco: the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, and Tesla Model X out for a photo shoot.

Since Tesla had only a few press photos available at the Model 3 launch, we're glad to see they're out taking more shots, especially of the whole Tesla family. It's like the Model S and Model X got together and had a baby.

The photo, captured at a distance and cropped in (alas), does at least give an idea of how the Model 3 compares in size to the S and X. The overall length is notably shorter, but the cabin is only moderately so — much of the shrinkage comes from the front end ahead of the enormous windshield and in the back where there's very little overhang past the rear wheels.

And yes, put them in a row like that with how Tesla likes to style the Model 3 nameplate and you get Tesla S☰X. We're totally okay with that.