The Tesla Model 3 will qualify for a massive SG$30,000 (US$22,000) rebate when it arrives in Singapore. The rebate, confirmed by Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan (via Channel NewsAsia), is the maximum under Singapore's EV-friendly tax rebate system. Model 3 buyers in Singapore will be thankful for the rebate, as the car is sure to cost an obscene amount once it arrives on the island nation.

Tesla Model 3 in silver

Singapore's Carbon Emissions Vehicle Scheme grants up to a $30,000 rebate for environmentally friendly vehicles, and the Tesla Model S also qualified for the maximum rebate. Buyers of the Model 3 will likely appreciate the rebate, as import taxes and emissions surcharges in Singapore tend to double or even triple the price of cars, dramatically increasing the base US$35,000 price of the car.

Singapore also levies emissions surcharges on imported used vehicles, a fact that an importer learned the hard way last year when he was hit with a SG$15,000 carbon emisions surcharge when importing a used Model S due to the emissions produced in generating the electricity used to charge the car's battery pack. Singapore is the only nation that places for electricity generation emissions charges on EVs. Singapore generates 95% of its electricity from natural gas power plants.

Tesla does not have an official presence in Singapore and does not offer vehicles for sale online in the country. That hasn't stopped numerous drivers in the city of 5.4 million from importing the car through third party sellers. Even so, Tesla offered reservations for the Model 3 in Singapore, and plans to eventually extend sales of the Model S and Model X there as well.