With the refreshed Tesla Model S now hitting streets, owners of the old-faced Model S owners have a new option to bring their car up to date: Unplugged Performance's Refresh Front Fascia. The product, which installs in about three hours in place of the old front bumper cover and nose cone, duplicates with a close eye to detail the look and feel of the refreshed Model S.

Unplugged Performance's Refresh Front Fascia

Unplugged Performance isn't the first company to put out an update kit for the Model S — that title goes to Karstyle — but we would say that this new option most closely captures the finer points of the updated look, like the creases running down from the edges of the narrow hood opening. It also accurately mimics the recessed chrome hood opening with the Tesla emblem that seems to hover in the space.

The Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia System does have some differences from the new front face — it carries over the existing ventilation grate of the older car and has a more aggressive lower spoiler. It also does nothing to upgrade the older headlights to the new LED units. But it rather accurately captures the small details that make the design.

This kit does ship unpainted, however, so you'll need a body shop to color match your car before painting and installing. Shipments are said to begin by the end of this summer, with pricing at $2495, though customers that reserve before July 1st for a $300 fee will have $200 knocked off the final price.

So, Model S owners, with multiple options now on the table for giving your old car the new look, who's biting?