It won't come as any surprise to most Tesla owners, but it turns out that Tesla owners are extremely loyal. A recent survey by Prenzler Digital Media found that 92% of Tesla owners would buy another Tesla, and that a mere 24% would consider buying a gas-powered car in the future.

The Tesla Model S, looking oh so fine.

And seeing as the Tesla Model S starts at $70,000, it's also no surprise that Tesla owners tend to be wealthier than average, with an average annual income of $271,000. Once the Tesla Model 3 arrives in late 2017 we expect that number to start rapidly trading downward.

Prenzler's survey, which asked 22 questions of 292 Tesla owners, found that newer Teslas have exhibited fewer non-routine maintenance needs, a fact attributed to Tesla's improved build quality and processes.

But the most interesting question was a hypothetical one rooted in the 2014 Roadster 3.0 upgrade package that swapped in a 31% more capacious battery pack (up to 70kWh): how much would you be willing to pay for a battery upgrade? Eighty percent of those surveyed said they would, with an average acceptable price of $200/kWh. Tesla's current battery pack costs are under $190/kWh, and with further cost reductions projected with the construction of Tesla Gigafactory 1.