The Hong Kong Transport Department had Tesla pull the Calendar app from cars in the country through a software update, having "determined that the Calendar app has no bearing on the drivability of the car and therefore should not be offered in Tesla vehicles in Hong Kong." Which is just an insane moment of the nanny state gone awry.

After a routine software update the calendar app was pulled from Tesla vehicles in Hong Kong

The Calendar app sits in the center dash display, offering drivers their schedule for the day and easy access to the locations for their appointments. If anything, you could easily justify it as a safety feature — by syncing your phone's calendar to the car you can dramatically reduce the number of taps or vocal commands required to enter a scheduled destination. But Hong Kong law is quite restrictive on these counts, allowing in-car displays for just vehicle status, cameras, and navigation.

Tesla currently sells just the Model S in Hong Kong, although with Chinese deliveries for the Model X starting this month we expect Hong Kong too will start to receive the electric SUV. Hong Kong already required that Tesla disable the internal internet browser on the Model S, which we can understand — not only is a web browser a potential serious distraction in a car, it should probably be criminal to ship a car with one that's so laggy.