One of the chief cries of woe following the surprise unveiling of the refreshed Tesla Model S came from older Model S owners. Suddenly their cars looked old and outdated next to the revised front-end of the 2016 update. But there might be hope from the folks at Karstyle.

The revised front-end of the new Model S that Karstyle hopes to emulate The revised front-end of the new Model S that Karstyle hopes to emulate.

Previously, Karstyle was inspired by the cleaner front end of the Tesla Model X to produce an appliqué for the Model S that somewhat emulated the more-closed styling. The flat body-color nose cones run for $799, while dimensional chromed faux-grille options are available for $1250 (don't buy one, please). But, after seeing the new Model S front end, they seemingly asked themselves "what if we did that ourselves?"

And so they're making a whole styling kit to give a close approximation of the new Model S look to old Model S owners. It won't be exact — some things like the forward-looking radar will be in the way, and it certainly won't include new LED headlights. But a taste of the new style could come to your older car.

But, before Karstyle can set pricing and start placing orders for parts, they need to gauge demand. So they're asking for any interested Model S owners simply to register that interest on their website. Simple enough, right?