Tesla's far from alone in the EV space, but apparently they're the only ones willing to do it right. Ford Motor Company has their own EV, the Focus Electric (as well as a pair of plug-in hybrids), and it looks like the 2017 model of the car will get a mere 100 miles per charge.

Ford's next Focus Electric will have a pathetic 100-mile range

That word comes from Kevin Layden, Ford's Director of Electrified Powertrain Engineering, via Automotive News, who said that keeping the range at 100 miles (which is a 32% increase from its current 76-mile range) will help keep the cost and weight of the car down. Tesla's upcoming Model 3 sedan will have a starting range of 215 miles.

The Focus Electric is a modified version of the five-door Focus Hatch, and thus is hindered by the struggles inherent in adapting an architecture designed around an internal combustion-powered drivetrain to support electrification. So not only is weight and cost a constraint, but space is as well — Ford places a 23kWh battery under the rear bench seat and connects it to an electric motor sitting under the front hood and driving the front wheels.

The Tesla Model 3, however, takes after the electric-first-and-only architecture of its bigger and more expensive siblings — the Model S and Model X. The battery in Tesla vehicles forms the floor of the cabin, with the motors placed between the wheels.

An interesting contrast comes when you compare prices too. The 2016 Ford Focus Electric starts at $29,170 (we don't know the 2017 model pricing, but we assume it will be similar), while the base model Tesla Model 3 will start at $35,000. That $5,000 difference more than doubles the range, but it also dramatically brings down the cost-per-mile-range — $300/mile for the Focus Electric versus $163/mile on the Model 3.

So while the Focus Electric might be cheaper, you're getting a lot less than what you're saving. And that's before we even mention things like Supercharger support and the potential for Autopilot. There's really only one true advantage that the Focus Electric has: it's available now. We'll wait.