For a time back around the beginning of the decade it looked like Fisker was going to be the chief competition to Tesla, and then their ambitious Karma sports sedan flamed out. But... after being sold to a Chinese auto parts conglomerate and getting a bit of a rebrand, The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is coming back later this summer as Karma.

The beautiful, but so terribly flawed, Fisker Karma

The new car with be the Karma Revero, and it's expected to largely carry over the same body design as the preceding Fisker Karma — which, if we're being honest here, isn't a bad thing, because that thing was sweet. The reborn Karma is attempting to do more things right, though. They've partnered with BMW to use the German automakers's vehicle control and charging systems, and have moved production from Finland to California.

Fisker, which went into bankruptcy in 2012, managed to sell 1,950 of the $100,000+ Fisker Karmas, including one doomed vehicle that went to Consumer Reports and promptly and thoroughly broke down. The bankruptcy of Fisker took with it a balance of $139 million from a 2009 Department of Energy loan. The loss was so politically stinging that it wasn't until just a few days ago that the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program was re-funded for the first time since 2007.

Karma plans to start taking orders for the Revero later this year, with an unveiling in July or August. The question is how much of a market there is for a car like the Karma Revero, especially given the reputation of its predecessor (company officials are quick to say that they learned from Fisker's failures and are putting great car into quality assurance). Karma will have some help, though, from people who know a thing or two about luxury cars: per Electrek they've hired "two senior designers from Tesla's interior team."

Hey, maybe Justin Bieber will get a new ride (and leave behind the chrome this time)