Upstart electric vehicle manufacturer Faraday Future has hired another Tesla executive, this time to run their under-construction factory in Nevada. Based in the U.S. but with significant backing by China's LeEco, a fair number of Faraday's fledgling staff has come from Tesla, including Nick Sampson, SVP of Product Research & Development (and the lead presenter for Faraday's vapormobile presentation at CES 2016) and Dag Reckhorn, VP of Global Engineering. Joining them is Andrew De Haan, who was Tesla's Director of Global Supplier Industrialization from 2014 until March of 2016, according to Electrek.

Faraday Future's FFZERO1 concept car at CES 2016. Faraday Future's FFZERO1 concept car at CES 2016.

Faraday Future is currently building a $1 billion factory just outside of North Las Vegas, Nevada. That state is also the site of Tesla's Gigafactory 1, which i s under construction near Reno. Seeing as Faraday just broke ground on their facility a few weeks ago, De Haan's energies for the time being will be focused on getting the factory up and running. Faraday is in a tight spot with its factory — while the State of Nevada has agreed to millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements in the area, but they're withholding issuing state bonds to finance the work until Faraday has proven they can raise the billion dollars needed to complete the factory.