Tesla's flagship Model S sedan is due for a refresh, and according to a new report from CNET, that update may come as soon as next week.

According to CNET's respected Tim Stevens, the Model S update will bring "some more luxury-minded appointments", including the same seats as are found the in the Model X SUV (those seats have AC ventilation as an option) and expanded interior storage compartments such as the door pockets that are sorely lacking on the current Model S — a design that's been essentially unchanged since its debut in 2012. The luxed-up interior will better position the Model S to compete with the cars that are in its pricing bracket, namely Mercedes and BMW vehicles.

Additionally, the exterior is also going to get a bit of a nip-and-tuck. Says Stevens:

The most immediate change, according to our sources, will be a slight visual refresh on the nose. It won't look exactly like the Model X or Model 3, we're told, but it will bring the car closer to the frontal treatments of those cars. LED headlights will also provide a cleaner look up front, while some additional paint colors will join the configurator.

We might get our first look at the updated Model S as soon as next week; Tesla is clearing out their inventory of current-generation Model S parts before starting production on the updated vehicle. As for how much this updated Model S will cost... Tesla's understandably mum on the possibility of an update, let alone how it will change pricing.