Don't be this asshole. I don't care how inconvenient it might be to park with the bike rack or remove it before parking. I don't care that the three spots were open.

Don't be a Supercharger asshole

We have rules as a society, some written (laws) some unwritten (social convention). But they all boil down to the same thing: don't be an asshole. Don't kill people that aren't trying to kill other people, don't take things that aren't yours without permission and agreed upon compensation, don't pick your nose and show your extractions to strangers, and don't double park if you can avoid it — and certainly don't triple park.

Even more egregious is double or triple-parking at a Tesla Supercharger, as was spotted in Delaware and posted to the Tesla Worldwide Owners group on Facebook (and later reposted publicly on Reddit). Tesla Superchargers are prime real estate — a limited number of stalls with specialized hardware so that people driving their Teslas a long distance can top off their batteries with relative speed and be on their way.

Yes, they paid a lot for a Model X that has free Supercharger access, and yes the only inconvenience they're imposing on other Supercharger users that could have used two of those three spots is that of time (though, as they say, time is money), and yes it would be difficult to remove the rack to back into the parking slot and get close enough to access the frustratingly-short Supercharger cable. None of that benefit of the doubt makes this okay.

Supercharger abuse is already becoming a problem in metro areas on the U.S. west coast, with select assholes parking their Teslas for hours on end when a full recharge of even a 90kWh battery pack will take around 75 minutes. So here are the rules of Supercharger etiquette:

  1. Do not stop at a Supercharger if you can charge when you get where you're going. Superchargers are for making it long distances, not regular recharging.
  2. Do not take up more than one charging spot, even if there are multiples open.
  3. Do not hog a charging spot. When you're done charging, move your car. Use the Tesla app to monitor your charging progress. If you're not charging, use a normal parking spot.
  4. Do not park in a Supercharger spot adjacent to another Tesla unless no other spots are available. Supercharger stalls are connected to transformers in pairs; two cars connected to the same transformer will slow charge times for both cars. You can tell if a stall is paired by the label, i.e. 1A and 1B share a transformer.
  5. Do not park in the front-in Supercharger slot (if there is one) unless you are traveling with a rear-mounted rack that makes backing-in difficult or it is the last available slot.
  6. Do not park in a handicapped-marked Supercharger slot unless you have appropriate vehicle tags or it is the last available slot.
  7. Do not flip out at gas car drivers that have parked at a Supercharger slot. Odds are they just didn't know and that they're just unknowing and not being jerks, so offer them the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Do leave your phone number at your car if you plan to leave it at a Supercharger for an extended time. The station might be empty now, but it might fill up while you're gone.
  9. Do feel free to get out and talk to people — both your fellow Tesla drivers and curious gas car drivers.

Right now this isn't a huge issue, and we want it to not become a huge issue. There are only around 100,000 Tesla cars on the road right now and some 600 Supercharger stations. While Tesla is rapidly working to build more stations, with the Model 3 on the horizon that is going to change enormously starting in late 2017.