Just because your Tesla Model S was made before the early 2016 refresh doesn't mean you have to be stuck with the old styling. The folks at Karstyle have taken it upon themselves to make a replacement front end for "Series 1" Model S owners that brings the Model X stylings to the older cars.

Dubbed "Facelift", the new front end ditches the glossy black nose cone of the original Model S design for the sleeker single-piece bumper cover instead. It's not a perfect match to the new style — there are some differences in the creases here and there and you'll be stuck with your old non-LED headlights — but it's close enough to pass muster. Karstyle's also designed the Facelift kit to work with already-installed Autopilot radar and ultrasonic sensors hardware, so installation is a matter of unmounting the old front end, slotting the sensors into their corresponding holes in the new one, and attaching it to the same mounting points.

The $3,450 kit is available in finishes to match every Model S color and is set to begin shipping in August 2016. Hey, that's $68,050 less than buy a new Tesla!

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