It's enough to make you queasy: a brand-new Tesla Model S being deliberately dismembered and bisected. That's what chop-and-stretch shop Big Limos has done in their quest to build a Model S limousine. Why? Well, mostly because they can.

This isn't the first EV that Big Limos has done this too — they did it to a Nissan Leaf a while back, and with its soft reclining rear seats its certainly an upgrade over the plucky little Leaf (though it no doubt was murder on its 84-107-mile range).

We're not certain what it is that prompted Big Limos to do this, other than the press (kudos, here you go), nor do we have details on how exactly it was done or which Model S trim they used for the base of this car, though we hope they went with a 90D so it will still have a reasonable range once all the added stretch limo weight comes into play.

Undoubtedly this beast will look weird once its done — the continuous curve of the Model S roof won't work well with the straight extension, but you do what you've got to do, but yet, now that we've made it through the cleaving of this beautiful car, we're kind of curious to see how it turns out.