Have you been looking for an awkward, excited, profanity-filled, everyman's review of the Tesla Model S? Wait no more, for Los Angeles comedian David So is here with his brand-new Model S 70, experiencing the frunk, the all-glass panoramic roof, the instant torque of electric drive, and the terrifyingly futuristic Autopilot.

Some choice quotes:

I barely know how to use this car yet.

As you can see, we got wheels, these are tires. It makes it go round, makes it go forward.

Not only do I got back trunk space, I've got frunk space. That's f**king front trunk space.

When I first got into this and the person who worked at Tesla showed me [Autopilot], I freaked the f**k out.

I'm trusting that this car's going to hit this curve very well 'cause if not I'm f**kin' scared! DAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAHAAAAHHAAAAAUUUH! Gangsta! I'm still not used to this! My palms are sweaty as f**k!