The black Alcantara headliner has long been an option on the Tesla Model S, but now it doesn't require that buyers also opt for the $3,000 Premium Upgrades Package. When the Model X launched the black headliner was a standalone option requiring no additional charge (in fact, it's the only choice if you go for the Ultra White seats), but even after the Model S got a significant exterior refresh and modest interior nip-and-tuck the black headliner remained tied to the Premium Upgrades Package. But as a trip to the Model S configurator reveals, that is no longer the case.

Model S black headliner finally a free option

That's not to say you shouldn't consider the Premium Upgrades Package. The HEPA filter-equipped Bioweapon Defense Mode, dynamic LED turning lights, and power liftgate are worth consideration, and the ambient lighting, door handle lights, and Alcantara dash accents are nice but not experience-altering touches.

The tan remains a no-charge option and the default selection, as well as one that doesn't match any other material in the car.